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Jenna Wysong Filbrun writes poetry as a form of prayer and to connect with other writers and readers in the search for meaning and truth.  Her poems rely heavily on nature to explore themes of love, suffering, loss, connection, belonging, and healing.  


Her debut full-length collection of poetry, Away, will be released with Finishing Line Press in July 2023 (currently available to preorder).  


Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in publications such as Amethyst Review, Blue Heron Review, Crosswinds Poetry Journal,  Deep Wild, The Dewdrop, EcoTheo Review, Snapdragon Journal, and Wild Roof Journal.    


She is also the author of The Unsaid Words (Finishing Line Press, 2020), a chapbook of poems from life with chronic illness.

Filbrun's first full-length poetry collection, Away, is coming in July 2023 with Finishing Line Press.   Filbrun lives with weakened immunity due to chronic illness.  In Away, she writes about the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of the most vulnerable, with whom she identifies.  She faces the crushing power of collective harm, her small taste of it leading her both to a deeper understanding of the urgency needed to address it and a greater awareness of her own participation in it.  With nature as her guide, she walks through the losses of faith, belonging, and loved ones toward a Love that is truly limitless.


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